Kids Club Restarts Today

The second semester is underway at school (well, at least on the days it’s not too wintery). Now it’s time to get back to Pioneer Clubs at UABC!

20170913_164859 (2)

Clubbers enjoyed some nice weather (and an illustration that could’ve been a little messy) during their kickoff in September.

Pioneer Kids Clubs helps preschoolers through 6th graders know Jesus and learn more about serving, growing, and worshipping God. The program runs from September through November and January through April.

Club opening starts at 4:15pm. Students can arrive as soon as 3:45 to enjoy a snack and work on homework. After opening, kids break up into age-based groups for prayer circles, Bible studies, crafts, games, and other projects. Students are dismissed at 6pm, after the closing gathering.pioneerclubslogo

Parents or other supporters can signup to provide snacks sometime this semester. A signup page will be available in the entryway of the sanctuary today.

Parents/guardians can use the form below to signup for Pioneer Clubs. Please provide the name of a parent/guardian, children’s first names & grade level, and either a phone number or email for the parent/guardian. Further information may be requested at drop off time.

UABC Homepage  |  UABC Family Page

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