Faith in Act!on: Parade Freeze Pops

UABC are the “freeze pop people” at the Memorial Day Parade! Others may have imitated our idea, but no one has duplicated the number nor temperature of our freeze pops. This has become a Memorial Day tradition and is our biggest Faith in Action project of the year. There are several roles that allow the crowd of parade-goers to experience some cool refreshment in Jesus’ name. Please read the descriptions below and let Freeze Pops Captain, Toni Stackpole, know how you’d like to volunteer.



break frozen pops apart and put in plastic bags in groups of 25 1-2 days before the parade.


walk in the parade and hand out frozen pops to parade-goers. Kids may be WALKERSif they are going into 2nd grade or are older and kids under middle school must be teamed with an adult (adults are limited to 2 kids max).


adults who will take care of other kids so that other adults can be walkers. WATCHERS can be positioned anywhere along the route and will make arrangements for parents to get their kids after the parade.


sit along the first leg of the parade route with a cooler of our frozen pops watching the parade, and when our walkers come by, WAITERS hand out their cooler of pops to those around them as an extension of the team of walkers.


drive one of the trucks or a “sag wagon” minivan.

If you want to signup for this cool opportunity to put your faith into action, please use this form below.

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