Test Page for Online Giving & Payments


This is only a temporary test page. Access is only given by invitation.

Online Donation

We can use any of 3 options for incorporating PCO-Giving into our own webpages. All 3 are included here.

PCO Simple Link:

Give Now

PCO Button-Style Link:

 Give Now

PCO Embedded Form (as a pop-up or new tab when you click on it):

Give online

Online Payment

The yellow buttons below may look the same, but they each contain unique code and are embedded with the Tuition and Trip Fee boxes respectively. We would put each payment item on its own page, so they wouldn’t sit next to each other like they do here.

Preschool Tuition Payments

(If your student attends all day, please remember to add a 2nd session after clicking the appropriate “Add to Cart” button.)

TuTh Class ($60/session per month)

Add to Cart

MWF Class ($90/session per month)

Add to Cart

5-Days ($145/session per month)

Add to Cart

Late Fee ($10)

Add to Cart


Pay Trip Fee

Trip Fees
I’m paying my full amount $200.00 USD
I’m paying 1 installment of my full amount $50.00 USD
Name of Trip Participant

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