On-Demand Worship (3/22)

How can we make the most of “on-demand worship?”
Click here to see tips from Brad & Alison.

You may want to download these files to enhance your worship experience:

{Opening Prayer}

Father in heaven,
You know how things have gotten
pretty chaotic here on earth
and how we’re worried & stressed out.
So, You invite us to rest in Your Presence.
We know that You are all-loving,
all-powerful, and always-everywhere.
So, we have set aside these moments
just to be with You–
to seek You & to crave Your peace.
As we all join with the praises
of the heavenly kingdom,
let your everlasting stream of life
flow through each of us.
In Jesus’ name we worship. Amen.

{Opening Songs}

Chris, Music Director
Chris, Music Director

{Children’s Moment}

Miss Tammi, Children’s Director


Greg, Worship Ministry Leader


Pastor Brad

{Closing Songs}

Chris, Music Director
Chris, Music Director


Please choose the method that’s most convenient for you–mailing a check to the church office, using the Church Center app, or the button below.

{Closing Blessing}

May the God of peace
equip you with all you need
for living in His will,
and through the power of Jesus Christ,
may He produce in us
every good thing that pleases Him.
All glory to Him forever and ever. Amen.

(Hebrews 13:21)

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