Good Friday On-Demand Worship (4/10)

{Opening Prayer}

Lord Jesus,
you were led forth into the pain of the cross for the salvation of the world. As we worship this day, help us to enter into your passion and death.

Through your suffering you paid for our sins. Through your punishment you brought us peace. We love you because you loved us first, and you demonstrated your amazing love by dying for us before we ever turned to you.

The cross was an odd way to save the world, but we are thankful that your cross is at the center of our stories. Thank you for your love!

{Opening Song}

CCLI #936991

{Special Music}


{Closing Songs}

{Closing Prayer}

Yes, Lord–
show all of us your love,
heal all our hurts,
forgive us all our sin,
and bring us into eternal life.
We pray by the blood of the Lamb.

In lieu of Easter flowers in the sanctuary, we want to make a montage of your pictures of God’s beauty in your corner of the quarantine. Please send still pictures to:
Stay safe and soak in His beauty!

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3 thoughts on “Good Friday On-Demand Worship (4/10)

  1. Jeremy Sneddon says:

    Thank you, Pastor Brad. I just watched your Good Friday sermon. That was a very powerful retelling of the story. We’ve heard it many times before but you have put it into words that make it vivid and explain how, although it happened so many years ago, it is deeply personal to each of us. Even though we are all undeserving sinners, none of us can doubt God’s love for us by sending His son to suffer incredibly, die and then rise again so we can be forgiven and be with God now and forever. Thank you again for this message.

    Liked by 1 person

    • uabc1830 says:

      Hi Jeremy!
      I’m sorry that I missed your comment when you posted it. Appreciate the feedback & encouragement! Thanks for watching & commenting. Praise the Lord–He is risen!


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