On-Demand Worship (6/28)

Please submit this ATTENDANCE FORM before you begin. This helps us better understand how the content is being accessed. Thank you!

{Opening Prayer}

Awesome & Loving God,
we welcome You
into the center of our lives again.
You are our Creator & our Sustainer.
You are our Leader & our Rescuer.
You are the only one
we worship & adore.
You deserve all the glory & honor!

{Opening Song}


Please choose the method that’s most convenient for you–mailing a check to the church office, using the Church Center app, or the button below.

{Children’s Moment}




{Closing Song}

{Closing Blessing}


This afternoon 18 preschoolers are graduating from Upper Alton Baptist [Virtual] Preschool
and moving on to Kindergarten!

Unfortunately, the drive-thru graduation “parade” is not open to additional guests,
but please remember our preschoolers & their families in your prayers this week.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the “return to worship” survey last week! Your input is very helpful. You can look forward to some announcements about what UABC worship might look like soon. Know that when we do resume in-person worship, we plan to continue offering an online option, also. Your patience and flexibility are appreciated. –Executive Ministry Team

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