On-Demand Worship (7/5)

we are
in this together!

Please tell us you’re here with us by submitting this attendance form.
The information submitted in this form goes directly to the church office.

{Opening Prayer}

Merciful & loving Father,
Although we are still not as free
as we’d like to be these days,
we’re grateful that we have the many freedoms that we do.
Right now, we exercise our free will to choose You. We set apart these next moments for you, Jesus.
May You honor our decision to worship You by renewing the presence of your Holy Spirit within us and among us.
In the name of Christ we pray. Amen.

{Opening Songs}

{Children’s Moment}





Please choose the method that’s most convenient for you–mailing a check to the church office, using the Church Center app, or the button below.

{Closing Blessing}

TEXT COVID-19 TO 84321

Yes, we are making plans for re-opening for IN-PERSON worship. It’ll still be at least a few weeks, and there will be many ways in which it will be different than our old normal. (Yes, an online version will continue to be available, too.) You can look forward to announcements over the weeks ahead about the opportunity to worship together again–for reelz! Thank you for your patience and for understanding that these intentions are subject to change.

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