On-Demand Worship (7/12)

we are
in this together!

Please tell us you’re here with us by submitting this attendance form.
The information submitted in this form goes directly to the church office.

{Opening Prayer}

Heavenly Father,
you are high above us,
and you are here with us.

Jesus Christ,
you are the King of our lives,
and you want us to call you our Friend.

Holy Spirit,
you convict us of sin,
and you fill us with holy power.

we pray that you would be honored
as we worship & serve you
now, this week, & forever.

{Opening Song}

{Children’s Moment}


Please choose the method that’s most convenient for you–mailing a check to the church office, using the Church Center app, or the button below.

{Praying the Scriptures}



Pastor Brad took some vacation time this week and wasn’t able to get two devotions recorded last week like he’d hoped. So, the wrap-up on the “Devotions from Daniel” will be posted next week. This week includes a replay of a video sermon from Labor Day weekend 2017, instead.

{Closing Song}

{Closing Blessing}

The Executive Ministry Team has set July 26th or August 2nd as the earliest dates for resuming in-person worship…maybe. The final determination is, of course, contingent on the developing circumstances in our community and state. Know that if we do proceed with in-person worship that 1) it will be with many restrictions, and 2) we will continue to offer a virtual option. An update will be shared at least by next Sunday, the 19th.

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