Memorial Day Parade 2021

UABCers, we need YOU!!  Our participation in the Alton Memorial Day Parade will be resuming this year.  And we plan to share the message with our lovely town that “Jesus’ love is a sweet thing!” by passing out candy to the crowd.  While it may not look exactly like it has in the past, but we are so excited to pull together a group to participate!

See all the details below to learn how you can help!





Job descriptions:

Walkers – pass/toss candy to crowd. Walk about 3 miles

Drivers – drive and smile for 3 miles slowly

Wavers/Passers – wave a flag or hand at our crowd. Refill bags of candy for walkers.

How many we need of each:

1. 8 walkers to toss candy.

2. A driver and a truck to tow a few waving volunteers and candy passers

3. 6 wavers/passers to hand out candy to walkers (3 for each truck)

More Details:

Everyone needs to wear a mask.

Everyone should wear tennis shoes

Don’t forget to bring a drink and sunblock

If you are interested in showing that “Jesus’ love is a sweet thing!” with our local community by participating in our Memorial Day Parade, please message Toni Stackpole at

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